Why I Should Go To Church? (Why I Go To Church) – Part One


This posting is Part One of a Ten Part Series on Reasons Why I go to/why I should go to Church.

The Number 1 reason why I go to church is because no where else will I be accepted for who I am: an imperfect, issue having human being. The church is the only place where everyone else is just like me but at different stages of their Christian walk. I take comfort in knowing that everyone there is or was just like me – in need of a savior, Jesus Christ! This meets the most basic need of every person on this earth, The need to be accepted and loved right where I am. What a great organism – The Church! The church is a place where you will be accepted just as you are. For those that are focused on all the bad things that happen in the church, I challenge you to change your focus and receive the acceptance and love that is shared in each and every church! For those that have not attended church in a while, consider this fact, the church is where GOD’s unconditional love is displayed! For those who attend church regularly just reflect on the love and acceptance that is in your church.

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What If….

Most of the time when this question is asked it has a negative statement following it..
What if I fail? What if it does not work? What if my business fails? What if… What if…
But why can’t we turn that around and dare ourselves to dream of what seems impossible to our small minds. What do I mean? Instead of using that question in a negative way, how about we turn it around and say What If I succeed? What if it does work? What if my health does improve? Look at all the possibilities that are opened up. I dare you today to think about What if I do succeed? Dream about what you will do with all the trappings of success. Dream about what success means to you and go for it!


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A Black Man

Where is GOD?

Have you ever wondered Where GOD is when you are in the midst of confusion, heartache , or even tragedy?  I have.  Sometimes we need that extra assurance that GOD is with us when we go through the hard/bad times.  Have you been there?  Well I came to tell you that there is nothing you can do or go through that GOD’s LOVE cannot reach you.  Where his strong hand off deliverance can cradle you softly.  I am amazed how we have told GOD that he is not welcome in our schools, on our jobs, on our Facebook accounts,etc.  but when trouble comes we…  I am not here to put  you down  but comfort.  GOD is waiting for you to invite him into you situation,  your heartache, your tragedy. There are some things that only GOD can work out.  No matter how hard you try,  it requires the attention of GOD.  What if I told you that GOD delights to help us.  All he is waiting for is an invitation! Let’s ask him together. You pray this for me and I will pray it for you!
“Father forgive me for not including you in the intimate details of my life, Father I invite you now to come into my situation, my circumstance and even my tragedy. Father bring comfort, peace, and joy like only you can. I receive it now by faith. This is my prayer. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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