Why I Should Go To Church? (Why I Go To Church) – Part One

This posting is Part One of a Ten Part Series on Reasons Why I go to/why I should go to Church.

The Number 1 reason why I go to church is because no where else will I be accepted for who I am: an imperfect, issue having human being. The church is the only place where everyone else is just like me but at different stages of their Christian walk. I take comfort in knowing that everyone there is or was just like me – in need of a savior, Jesus Christ! This meets the most basic need of every person on this earth, The need to be accepted and loved right where I am. What a great organism – The Church! The church is a place where you will be accepted just as you are. For those that are focused on all the bad things that happen in the church, I challenge you to change your focus and receive the acceptance and love that is shared in each and every church! For those that have not attended church in a while, consider this fact, the church is where GOD’s unconditional love is displayed! For those who attend church regularly just reflect on the love and acceptance that is in your church.

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